Welcome to the new website of the Southern Oregon Hispanic Yellow Pages. We are the original, local Hispanic Yellow Pages published by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Rogue Valley and affiliated with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC).

The Southern Oregon Hispanic Yellow Pages is the first and only locally run and operated Hispanic directory. The Hispanic Chamber has been publishing this annual directory since 1994 and we continue to serve our Hispanic community and those progressive businesses entering our lucrative Hispanic market with our thorough knowledge and close relations with the local population. Over the years we have established track record of service and trust in the community. The proceeds of our publication remain in the local community, benefiting the economic development of the people of the Rogue Valley.

We will continue to provide the best service to our advertisers and the most important and relevant information to our Hispanic families in Rogue Valley. Our work with local and federal agencies on job placement will also continue to be a feature of our organization as well as expanding our publication to meet the growing needs of the community. The Hispanic Chamber of the Rogue Valley will also continue serving the interests of our Hispanic community, living up to our mission:

The Hispanic Chamber of the Rogue Valley is a volunteer organization of Hispanic Businesses, professionals and community leaders dedicated to building economic development, enhancing leadership and culture, and improving the quality of life for Hispanics, as well as the overall population of the Rogue Valley.

Please call for any questions or for more information at (541) 535-6277 or e-mail us at info@sohispanicyellowpages.com. Look for our display on RVTD buses.

Thank you,

Audra Hammonds & Manuela Marney

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Rogue Valley