The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Rogue Valley

Affiliated with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
2311 Voorhies Road, Medford, Oregon 97501
Phone/Fax: (541) 535-6277

The First Official Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the State of Oregon

In 1987, Mrs. Marney and a group of dedicated Hispanic businesses and community leaders, founded the Hispanic Chamber of the Rogue Valley, the first and only Hispanic Chamber in Southern Oregon; the only officially recognized and affiliated with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, (USHCC) headquartered in Washington, DC. The chamber was founded to offer a forum for Hispanic business to further the economic viability of the Hispanic community and to encourage an assist greater Hispanic participation in the local economy.

Chamber Mission

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Rogue Valley is a volunteer organization of Hispanic businesses, professionals, and community leaders dedicated to building economic development, enhancing leadership and culture, and improving the quality of life for Hispanics as well as the overall population of the Rogue Valley.


This Hispanic Chamber is committed to being the organization of choice for advocacy of Hispanic business and economic development interests in Southern Oregon. We further commit ourselves to be a bridge for interaction and productive linkages between Hispanics and the corporate and government sectors in the creation and implementation of policies, programs, and enterprises for the benefit of the community.